Picture of the Day

Car Menorahs have become the norm, and even a fad. There are different styles and configurations, different materials and sizes. Now they are not only found on private vehicles, but a viral photo shows that even the New York Police Department has adopted the car Menorah.

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IDF Soldiers Prep for Tunnel Op with Menorahs, Dancing, and Donuts

Yeshivah students from Safed brought the light of Chanukah, and danced with IDF troops in Metulla prior to an operation in which the troops destroyed a 40 meter long tunnel built by the Iranian-backed terror group Hezbollah. The tunnel started in the Lebanese town of Kfarkela and snaked into Metulla, an Israeli town of 1,000 surrounded on three sides by Lebanon.

Video of the Day

You may have heard about former President George H. W. Bush love for sports, but you probably didn’t know about his interest in the Jewish game of Chanukah Dreidel. He is remembered fondly for his light-hearted and friendly demeanor, and you can see that again in this clip.