Red Bricks of 770 “Stolen,” As Renovations Inch On

Some bricks were discovered missing from the sidewalk wall of 770, after the upper decorative stones were removed for renovations. A sign was placed requesting that people not take the stones, as they are not replaceable.


As 770 sees much needed renovations and maintenance, the decorative upper stones that topped the sidewalk retaining wall in front of 770 were removed for safety reasons.

Exposed underneath the decorative upper stones, were the original red brick. A sign written in hebrew and taped to the wall said that “The bricks on the courtyard wall belong to the Agudas Chabad, 770 building, and are needed to return it to its former beauty (it is impossible to get similar stones).”

The sign was places after multiple red bricks, in a style that is no longer made, went missing, presumably stolen by those interested in keeping a memento.

The sign continues, “Don’t think that 7 missing stones are not so bad…Taking stones (or any other part) of the wall, will cause that when the wall is being fixed, we will be forced to install new and not original stones.”

Renovations of the front retaining wall, which has become dangerously eroded, is said to cost upward of $20,000.

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