Halachos and Customs of Parshas Zachor

Rabbi Lesches of Melbourne Australia has sent out reminders of Halachos and customs pertaining to this Shabbos, Parshas Vayikra, Parshas Zachor.

Parshas Zachor

It is a Torah obligation for all men and boys over the age of Bar Mitzvah to hear Parshas Zachor. [One who absolutely
cannot attend a Minyan should read this passage from a Sefer Torah or Chumash, with the Trop if he knows it.]

Although women are ordinarily exempt from Krias Hatorah, there is a dispute with regards to Parshas Zachor. Therefore, it is ideal for women to attend Shule. However, a woman who is unable to easily attend Shule (e.g. she is tending to her small children) may instead read this passage from the Chumash.

Ordinarily, a Sefer Torah may not be moved to another location for one time use. Nevertheless, one may do so to facilitate the Kriah of Parshas Zachor. Ideally, the Ba’al Koreh should be old enough to have a beard. [If this is not possible, a boy over thirteen may serve as Ba’al Koreh only if it is established that he has reached puberty and has the Halachic status of a Bar Mitzvah.]

The Ba’al Koreh should read loudly and clearly, and have in mind to be Moitzie everyone listening to the Kriah. Similarly, all the listeners should have in mind to be Yoitzei the Kriah and to fulfil the Mitzvah of remembering to eliminate Amalek.

The word Zecher is first read with a Tzeirei, and then again with a Segol. Av Harachamim is recited.

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