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Parasha: Who has more Freedom than a Bird?

by Rivka Ehrentreu

If only we would have a greater clarity of the blessings, with which we wish to be blessed this upcoming year, we would just have had some closer experience in sensing them, wouldn’t we then be able to create the proper environment for the fulfillment of these blessings?

We are eager for freedom, but we wonder how it feels. We miss joy sounds of pleasant authentic music. However, we are astonished what kind of pleasure it is, which causes us to be so delighted & enjoy it so much.

We wish to have some clarity in our mind, desire for wings to shield us with confidence, but where from can we draw this warmth?

We are willing that this fortune shall last forever. But did we ever realize that several hints in our Parsha are indeed the secrets for these strong passions & yearnings?!

Who has more freedom than a bird, which with a very swift flight can sink to the deepest valleys & from there may burst out forth to conquer the heavenly heights? (דרור means freedom in Hebrew & it’s the name of one species of birds).

Whose melodies are more joyful & pleasant than those sung by this creature?

Who symbolizes a granting source of protection more than those hugging wings of such a devoted most faithful mother bird?

Whose sensation reflects more clarity than the chicks’ in their mom’s nest?

How can we identify with those qualities reflected by this free bird?

1) Our movement of freedom in conquering the highest levels of world we live in & sink to the vast distances of the ultimate depths as a swift flight of a bird, is our living role.

We may lack the courage for this mission & perhaps fear the failing thought of being drawn down to the undergrounds; yet when we research the quality of our uplifting wings which we possess & the source of life which is reviving us, we can then be filled with the strength to land from the heights of our superior intellects & healthful emotions into a materialistic level, and uplift it

How though can we reach those lowest levels in our surroundings, holding tightly to our founding spirit & not be captured by the traps of temptations; even succeed to redeem & raise the powerful energies concealed in their elements & carry them joyfully upon the wings of our chariots to the sounds of our twittering bird?

Where from is the rejoicing joy which is reflected by the twittering of the birds, drawn into us?

A bird “צפור” in Hebrew symbolizes the “צפרא” (the morning) where the darkness of the night breaks away with the happy bursting songs & melodies of the birds.

A talking bird is a source of amusement for human. Although it doesn’t create its words independently & doesn’t understand the meaning of the syllables it pronounces. But since it is unusual for a bird to speak & it is very surprising since it does not occur regularly, it is therefore a unique entertainment for us.

So too in our service to Hashem:

We cause a great deal of נחת (pleasure) & joy to Hashem, when we rise above our natural system, by correcting our misconduct of allowing to be drawn by the Yetzer Horo (evil inclination) without the harness of the “horse”. Instead, we step into our universe filled with fear & profound awe to Hashem.

The sensation of our inner ביטול (nullification) is the instrument which breaks the darkness we sunk into, reveals the deep & bright glory which illuminates our spiritual treasures, so they evoke from their isolation.

We then may wake up, fully aware, with a great measure of inspiration from our acknowledgment of Hashem’s worldly miraculous experiences, which we visualize.

We may then inspire ourselves, to overcome our spiritual shortcomings (אתכפיא) & speedily step from that point, to the road leading us to victory, of “אתהפכא” (conversion from evil to good).

Suddenly we are filled with full hope & bright vision of our final salvation. Where we are meant to finally channel the negative energies (which are misleading us) into a flame of holiness & ultimate redemption, so we may march directly & firmly into our freedom symbolized by the holy free land.

But these visions & very encouraging happenings, are not dependent or conditional on our orders or requests. Their fulfillment is beyond all the hard & exertive vessels we prepare with our initiated conduct & eagerness.

This takes place by Hashem’s initiative “כי יקרא.” Hashem works it out for us. It is beyond our longing & yearning.

“כי יקרא.” When a nest occurs in front of us on our way, stuck in a tree or lays on the ground & the mother bird is still on her baby chicks or eggs, we shall not remove them while the mother is there.

What do these detailed concepts mean?

  1. Our being on the way
  2. A tree
  3. The ground
  4. The baby chicks
  5. The eggs
  6. A mother bird on top of either one of them

What does this mean to us in connection to the achievement of our wishes?

These incredible moments occur to us at the following:

A) “Our being on the way”

On our way which is a break away from our dark & inner exile. In a spiritual sense the exile of Egypt in Hebrew is מצרים. The word מצרים means narrow limitations. One leaves the bondage of Egypt by reciting קריאת שמע where we emphasize the redemption from Egypt.

B) “A tree”.

When we connect with the two trees עץ החיים ועץ הדעת (the tree of knowledge and the tree of life). This is also reflected in our personal life: The tree of life indicates תורה שבכתב  (the Written Law) & the tree of knowledge  עץ הדעת symbolizes תורה שבע”פ (The Oral Law).

Following the essence of their messages illuminates us, with the glory of the root of our נשמה which surrounds us & occasionally sends us a glimpse of holiness & awakens in us our hidden love to Hashem.

C)”The ground”. signifies  our מצוות מעשיות (practical fulfillment of Mitzvos) which draws  us ‘down’ like a flying bird to the “ground”; to the lowest levels of the physical world around us, so we can reveal & touch the sparks that are lying within. This enables us to ‘draw down’ upon ourselves exceptional revelations of sanctity from above.

D) “The baby chicks” indicate our sensations of true & faithful love to Hashem which is flickering in our hearts (as a result of the causes, mentioned earlier).

H) ”The eggs” is the potential of those sensations when they are still connected & included in our brain, it did not yet break out into a revealed and independent state.

I)”The mother bird” reflects the power of בינה (analysis mind).

We need to continuously be shielded with the wings of the Shechinah & not be carried away by the false knowledge & wisdom which challenge our straight & light way of life.

The word בינה refers to a concept of meditation התבוננות in אלוקות (in G-Dly philosophy).

Sending away the mother bird which flies to the heights, reflects our rising into the spiritual worlds, such as on Shabbos and Yom Kippur etc.

The reward for sending the bird is “והארכת ימים” (Long life). Every process that lasts (אורך) thoroughly & is not prematurely cut is an obvious proof for preeminent, stable & lasting life.

Bringing to expression the above concepts (A-H) is the way to guarantee that our faith in Hashem, our attributes of true love & fear (baby chicks & eggs) will escalate & become broader & everlasting where no factors can ever challenge their stability & permanence.  אמן.

(ע”פ  ספר הליקוטים לצ”צ ליקוט “שילוח הקן”)










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