Photos: Omri Casspi Visits the Rebbe’s Ohel

Israeli Basketball star Omri Casspi paid a visit to the Lubavitcher Rebbe’s gravesite in Queens today, accompanied by Shluchim Rabbi Moshe Gancz of Cleveland, Ohio, and Rabbi Dovid Labkowski of Oakland, California.

At the Ohel, the NBA star thanked the Rebbe for all of the past blessings he received, and asked for further blessings for the future.


  • 1. Moshe wrote:

    FYI the shliach is Moshe Gancz from Cleveland OH not Elfant from TA, please correct your article

  • 2. Correction wrote:

    It seems to be a case of mistaken identity, the other Shliach is Rabbi Moshe Ganzs of Cleavland, his kids are in all the photos as well.


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