Meet the Newest Shluchim at Syracuse University

The Chabad House at Syracuse University in upstate New York, led by Rabbi Yaakov Rapoport, has welcomed on board Rabbi Zalman and Sarah Ives as its new associate rabbi and program directors. The couple’s sole focus will be on supporting Jewish undergraduate students with their spiritual needs.

From the Daily Orange:

The Chabad House at Syracuse University has hired Zalman Ives as its new associate rabbi and program director. His sole focus will be on supporting Jewish undergraduate students.

Ives said he developed his passion for Judaism through his upbringing. Both of Ives’ parents joined the Chabad movement before they met. Growing up in London, Ives only attended Jewish private schools, where he learned the foundations of the Jewish faith.

“It’s not just dry context,” Ives said. “The Torah provides me with a more meaningful life.”

Ives described two major components of being a rabbi: studying Jewish philosophy and engaging with the Jewish community. The latter is why Ives said he decided to become a rabbi.

“He is very dedicated, a hard worker with strong perseverance and has a great personality. He is able to connect with students,” said Rabbi Yaakov Rapoport of SU’s Chabad House.

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  • 1. Joel wrote:

    Hatzlacha rabah umflago and don’t forget the chayus and koach kablos pni moshiach tzidkinu harbi shlita melech hamoshiach kpshuto mamesh mtoch harchava beshefa shel yemos hamoshiach vadraba habeha talya. When we dont forget kinus hashluchim nunbeis and when we dont forget nun gimmel and we act accordingly then there is a big hatzlacha. Don’t forget whos shlichus and what shlichus you have.l’chaim.

  • 2. Congratulations wrote:

    Rabbi Rapoport hit a home run scoring this fine young couple to work with him in Syracuse, and the young couple are lucky to work with a wonderful person like Rabbi Rapoport!


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