As Crown Heights Expands, So Does Yeshivas Erev

This past week, Yeshivas Erev opened two new locations to accommodate more and more boys as Crown Heights expands.  Now boys living in the Midwood – Rutland area can attend their own Yeshivas Erev program in Darkei Menachem, located at 432 Rutland Ave.  Boys living on the northern end of Crown Heights now have the opportunity to go to “Anshei Moshe,” located at 1334 Lincoln Place.

At present there are nine locations where boys can go every evening, Sunday through Thursday from 7 to 8 to participate in one of the three unique programs that are available to them in Yeshivas Erev Yehuday Kalman.  There is the regular Yeshivas Erev program where the time is spent reviewing the Gemara and Rashi inside, doing homework with the help of devoted Madrichim, as well as learning Baal Peh – Mishnayos and Tanya. There is also a Shiur every night in a Sicha of the Rebbe, Halacha, Chassidishe story etc. The evening concludes with a Minyan for Ma’ariv.

A second program is a special Mishnayos shiur for boys who wish to learn sedarim not being covered in their Yeshiva.

A third program is a shiur for boys preparing themselves for the Chidon Mitzvos, delving into the details of the 613 Mitzvos.

Yeshivas Erev Yehudah Kalman will iy”H continue throughout the school year on a daily basis. All of the boys who attend will receive wonderful rewards and prizes.

Throughout the week, the boys receive raffle tickets for good behavior and learning, and every Thursday night a raffle is made for fabulous prizes and awards.

The boys are also rewarded for their attendance with a Yeshivas Erev ID card. The card entitles the member to various discounts and rewards in local retail establishments.

During the year, there are different contests and competitions, and a bi-annual Brochos Bee and Shabbos Bee. Participants and winners receive great prizes and rewards.

Yeshivas Erev thanks Rabbi Y.Y. Simpson, Rabbi H. Lustig and Rabbi L. Newman from the Igud Menahalei Yeshivos for their constant support and guidance in bettering our commitment to the community, and to Rabbi Z. Sorkin for coordinating this outstanding program. A very special thank you goes to the generous sponsors and local stores for their continued support.

Become a partner! Share in the Zechus of Talmud Torah of our children. Please call or text Yeshivas Erev at: 978-384-0770, or email: to learn how.

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