Organization Helps Women Find Answers in Chassidus

Living Chassidus, a home away from home for women in Crown Heights, began on the 11th of Teves, in 2012.

During this time, many single women felt lonely and lost in Crown Heights. In search for meaning and purpose, these women were turning to secular self-help books for answers. At a farbrengen, Michal Weiss spoke to the true relevance of Chassidus in every aspect of our lives. That Chassidus truly has the answers to the questions which they were thirsting for. After hours of discussion, there was one single request, “If it is so true, so then teach it to us!”

From then on the Directors of Living Chassidus, Sharon and Michal Weiss, hosted regular Chassidus shiurim. Once that was underway, they began to implement shabbos meals and programs where the women could network, socialize and help each other within the framework of a Chassidishe atmosphere. To date, countless women have found jobs by just sitting at their table; other women have found apartment spaces to move into, and everyone involved has expanded their network of Shabbos host families. Many shidduchim have been aided through their programs, as well as wedding support, pregnancy resources and post-birth aid. As the women go through life, The Living Chassidus community has been there to help!

Living Chassidus is an organization and a community for women who want to have a community where they can learn and live with the concepts in Chassidus, find friends, network, socialize, get help with shidduchim and have a great time. As the name well describes, it is about “Living” through the concepts of “Chassidus”. Not just about a book that is opened, learned and closed, but as teachings that are applied into daily, mundane life and lived. The name “Living”  also indicates the catering to the gashmius needs of the Living Chassidus community.

Upcoming programs:

  • Weekly Shiurim and social gatherings
  • Farbrengens and events
  • Coming soon: Shabbos Meal Placement Program
  • 60 Days Venture Together:

Make your Elul and Tishrei preparations as simple as 1, 2 ,3!

  1. Do your daily reading.
  2. Write at least one personal journal entry a week.
  3. We award you with a prize and a farbrengen every 2 weeks.

For more information and to join, visit:, or email:


  • 1. 2372 wrote:

    another issue which a young married woman told me is that families are not reaching out to those with minimal family in the Crown Heights area, so they just don’t get that socialization to be encouraged to look for the answers / directives from Chasidus. I think its not all about providing the answers, that is part of it, but also, people learn from being connected to other famillies here and thats a whole issue


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