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Purim Celebrated in the Canadian Armed Forces

After receiving donations to be distributed to soldiers across Ontario, 4th Canadian Division Chaplains Captain Lazer Danzinger and Lieutenant Colonel Christopher Ryan, decided to share the work load. Last week, they spent an afternoon assembling food and gift packages destined for Jewish soldiers, public service employees and veterans for the holiday of Purim which was celebrated on Sunday, March 11th, 2017.

Rabbi Danzinger, the Canadian Armed Forces’ first regular force Jewish chaplain since the Second World War, explains one deeper explanation of this drunken goal: “Our celebration should uplift us to an awareness of the importance of not simply recognizing and neutralizing negative influences in our lives but transforming these influences so that they are positive, and foster our spiritual growth.”

Presumably, understanding this spiritual aim negates any requirement to drink to excess and no alcohol was packaged along with the edible treats and noise makers mailed out by the Division. Though the gifts were appreciated by many, Rabbi Danzinger is very grateful for the incredible support he receives from the chaplaincy service and his chain of command for these initiatives.

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