‘Rescued’ Kapporos Chickens End Up in Sanctuary

An “animal rights” activist who “rescued” about 200 chickens from the pre-Yom Kippur ritual of Kapporos in Brooklyn last fall has told reporters for Florida’s WUFT News that the chickens have found new homes at animal sanctuaries.

The “rescued” chickens are of the Cornish Cross Broiler variety, which are bred specifically for slaughter, and are usually killed at 42 days old at factory farms.

If not slaughtered by then, the especially meaty chickens will grow to a point where their bodies can no longer support their weight, after which existence for them is filled with suffering and agony.

Despite the obvious fact that they are making these chickens needlessly suffer, the “animal rights” activists portray themselves as the chickens’ merciful saviors from the evil Chasidic Jews who would dare to slaughter them for charity.

from WUFT News:

Travelling for two days and almost 1,000 miles, Cameron O’Steen packed about 30 chickens into the backseat of his blue Prius to give them another chance at life.

O’Steen had called Kindred Spirits Sanctuary, a farm animal sanctuary in Ocala, in late November to find a home for some chickens rescued in Brooklyn from being used in a Jewish kaparot ceremony, said Logan Vindett, the executive director of Kindred Spirits Sanctuary. During the ritual, chickens are slaughtered and donated to a charitable cause, according to the Chabad website.

A former volunteer at Kindred Spirits, O’Steen asked Vindett if she wanted to take eight. She didn’t hesitate to say yes.

For about a month, Indraloka Animal Sanctuary in Mehoopany, Pennsylvania, had been caring for the animals and was looking for permanent homes. Vindett saw it as an opportunity to save a few lives and teach visitors to the sanctuary about the cruelty chickens face.

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  • 1. Uncle Mendel wrote:

    Wonderful. Have they provided for the chickens retirement? What about reading materials?
    The Abister has not created the words to describe this, whatever the heck this is, but He is getting a good laugh.

  • 2. Me Too wrote:

    Maybe they can rescue me too. I could use a little rest and relaxation on a farm in Florida

  • 3. How misguided wrote:

    Tell those Peta *****s to stop the killing of all chickens and let them run around and mess up their homes!!!!
    To them a human being and a rat is on the same level.

    • 4. Andrea Schonberger wrote:

      My grandmother raised chickens but she had pet chickens too–bantam chickens that were strictly pets and not for eating; according to my mother they were allowed in the house as long as they cleaned up after them. So chickens can run around in the house LOL!

  • 5. Libtard English wrote:

    That is called stealing not rescuing. Stop letting libtards change our English language. Taking someone else’s chicken is stealing. These people should be arrested or punished by the fullest extent of the law. This will not be a hard case as they even admit to it!!!

  • 6. environmentaler than thou wrote:

    i am concerned about the 1000 mile carbon footprint, and assuming a return trip, the 2000 mile footprint.


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