Fathers Join Sons for Day of Study in Oholei Torah

Earlier this month, the fathers of the eight grade class of Oholei Torah were invited to join for a day in yeshiva.

The day started early with Chassidus  Father with Son Chavrusa, a sicha with a questionnaire, and a shiur given by Rabbi Chaim Yisroel Wilhelm, Menahel. After Shachris, there was  a buffet breakfast served for all to enjoy, with a video presentation shown. Raffles were held for seforim, sponsored by the PTA.

During the later part of the morning, each classroom was set up for the fathers to join their sons, giving the fathers a chance to experience the Gemarah shiurim and classroom setting their sons have.

The day also included recess time, where the fathers and sons enjoyed a basketball game in the newly built Popack Recreation Facility.

The event was coordinated by Rabbi Wilhelm and Rabbi Yossi Bryski. The hanola thanked all the rebbes of eighth grade  Rabbi Levi Borenstein, Rabbi Levi Feldman, Rabbi Asher Oster and Rabbi Yitzchok Wolf, for their efforts and hard work, all year round.

Photos by Shimi Kutner

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