Bais Chaya Mushka of LA Hosts Torah-thon

The Torah-thon is an annual, meaningful, event hosted by the Bais Chaya Mushka Elementary School of Los Angeles, honoring all of the 5th Grade students and their mothers. This year, there were over 65 women in attendance.

In place of a formal graduation, this event is a beautiful culmination of all of their years of Torah learning in Bais Chaya Mushka, before they move on to the junior high division of the school, Bais Rebbe.

The Torah-thon was a hakhel event, featuring Torah, Teffila, and Tzedaka. There was also a delicious brunch served, and fun activities to celebrate the momentous occasion.

As a special salute to the legacy of the school, the girls and their mothers read the letter from the Rebbe to the first class of graduates from Bais Chaya Mushka.

Following the learning, the graduates worked very hard to prepare for the day, and performed for their mothers and teachers. Each graduate gave an original dvar Torah, or a speech expressing her personal hakoras hatov to a BCM teacher.

As a special gift from the Bais Chaya Mushka administration, the graduates each received a book of tehillim, personalized with her name on it.

Mazal tov and congratulations to: Avigail Amrami, Esther Binstok, Estee Blauner, Sara Leiba Bloom, Yael Boganim, Chaya M. Brook, Leah Burston, Itta Chazan, Biyah Cohen, Shterna Friedman, Shaindy Ginzburg, Sara Gordon, Shira Gozlan, Sheva Hanoka, Lieba Hecht, Mussie Hurwitz, Nechama Israily, Sara Kagan, Devorah Leah Kashani, Chana Kramer, Hinda Lerner, Chaya Lisbon, Mushka Levitansky, Tova Newman, Chana Rav-Noy, Chana Schmukler, Chaya Seewald, Bracha C. Slodowitz, Estie Smith, Sara Solomon, Baila Vizel.

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    5th grade had wonderful teachers the girls were so lucky…!!!!
    Simi Raichik …no words…You are out of this world!!

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