Yeshivas Erev Awards Attendees at Grand Finale

The Lubavitcher Yeshiva Simcha Hall on Crown and Albany in Crown Heights was swarming with hundreds of boys this past Thursday evening, 3 Sivan, ready to receive their long-awaited seforim vouchers that they earned this year by attending Yeshivas Erev.

Rabbi Z. Sorkin, the dynamic coordinator of Yeshivas Erev, opened up the grand finale with words of praise for all of the boys that devoted every evening of the week to further themselves in Limud Hatorah – some reviewing their Gemara, others joining the Mishnas Gavriel Project, still others doing their homework and some learning Mishnayos and Tanya Bal Peh.

An amazing “kitzur” project was launched T Yeshivas Erev in memory of Rabbi Y. K. Marlow, OBM.

Every evening after completing their homework, the boys learned together 14 simanim in “kitzur” not covered in their regular school curriculum. After completing each siman they would answer questions and then be tested.

All boys scoring 100% received a cash award of $25, while those scoring 80% or above were given $18.

The following boys were the top winners of the “Kitzur Project”:

Mendel Adelist, Mendel Belinsky, Nusi Barber, Aryeh Bruchstat, Elimelech Hecht, Tzemach Hendel, Mendel Zukerman, Boruch Tauber, Yisroel Tenenbaum, Motti Cohen, Mendel Landa, Mendel Levi, Shneur Zalman Lipsker, M.M. Markel, Avi Melul, Sholom Saritchev, Tzemach Spivak, Sholom Fuchs, Simcha Feyerstein, Mendel Zweibel, Dovi Cadaner, Shraga Caplan, Pesach Shmukler and Nosson Schapiro.

When Rabbi Kalman Weinfeld addressed the boys, they were mesmerized by his description of how valuable their Torah learning really is.

Rabbi Sorkin then thanked all of the Mashgichim and older Bochurim for their great devotion to the boys that made this year such an outstanding one. He presented each of them with a beautiful gift as a token of appreciation.

The evening was also the climax of the Birchas Hanehenin project of 5776 where the boys reviewed the proper Brochos for over 500 foods based on the psakim of  Rabbi Yehuda Kalman Marlow OBM.

The following boys were the top winners of the Birchas Hanehenin Competition: Menachem Mendel Adelist, Meir Avtzon, Levi Bruchstat, Meir Friedman, Sholom DovBer Fuchs, Shalom Dov Ber Gootblatt, M”M Gootblatt, Yosef Yitzchok Karasik, Meir Levy, Mendel Lewis, Nachman Mathless, M”M Mathless, Moishy Nelken, Pesach Chaim Newman, Menachem Mendel Rosen,  Avrohom Shapiro, M”M Shurpin, Dovid Shurpin, Tzvi Spielman, M”M Teichman, Yaakov Yisroel Tenenbaum, Shmuel Vilenkin and Menachem Mendel Wallach.

They were each rewarded with a set of Seforim.

Finally, the evening concluded with the presenting to each of the boys that attended the Yeshivas Erev with a “sefarim voucher” to be cashed in at Kehot. The amount each boy received was based on his attendance and accomplishments during the past year.

Yeshivas Erev will continue iy”H this summer in the Agudah Shul on Crown Street in the evening from 7:00pm to 8:00pm, beginning on Tuesday, 29 Sivan.

A special thanks to all of the Yeshivas Erev supporters who share in the great mitzvah of Talmud Torah of our children.

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