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5,000 Kids Sign Up for Torah Letters on Lag Ba’omer

During the week of Lag Ba’omer, 5,000 Jewish children signed up at to acquire letters for the sixth Children’s Torah, an initiative launched by the Lubavitcher Rebbe in 1981.

With only 47,578 letters to go, organizers are pushing to make the completion of the Torah during this summer.

During the period between Lag Ba’omer and Shavuos 1981, the Rebbe encouraged the Chabad community to make an effort to sign up as many children as possible.

“The Rebbe asked in every possible, that everyone should dedicate their energy in registering children,” says Rabbi Shmuel Greisman, director of the children’s Sefer Torah campaign.

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  • 1. wrote:

    Missing from this article is the link to and the urgent request that everyone try to get as many kids as they can to sign up.
    Think of your cousins, nieces, nephews, neighbors, friends and students.
    One by one, every letter adds up.
    And it costs just $1.
    Go for it!


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