Released Time Children Enjoy Winter Camp

Over the past week, the Jewish Released Time program, under the auspices of the NCFJE, arranged winter camps for public school children during their winter vacation.

This will be the first of two Day Camps during the winter breaks. 135 children attended the Brooklyn, Queens and Staten Island camps.

The Brooklyn camp was hosted by United Lubavitch Yeshiva Ocean Parkway and Ohel Moshe Chevrah Tehillim, Lubavitch.  The Queens camp hosted by Anshei Shalom Chabad. And the camp in S.I., which took placed for the first time, was co-hosted by Rabbi Moshe Katzman of Chabad-S.I.

The children were taken on daily afternoon trips, which were preceded by a morning program filled with activities to promote Jewish knowledge and pride. The children were treated to nourishing hot breakfasts and lunches, and learned arts and crafts activities such as sand art, baking Challah and Pushka decorating. Trips to bowling, Sony Wonders and Fun Station were a definite hit. The children also spent a day in Crown Heights visiting the Jewish Children’s Museum, eating kosher pizza and having a joint rally in 770 with all three camps in participation in honor of the year of Hakhel.

The halls of the Yeshiva and Chabad center echoed with the famous “I’m a Jew and I’m proud,” and “Torah Tziva Lanu Moshe.” There were Torah contests and quizzes as well. All in all, the children were inspired and educated in our Jewish Heritage with utmost talent.

The Impact of the camp was described best by one 9-year-old boy from Queens: “it’s like Released Time all day for a week,” he said, then smiled “just loads more fun.”

A special thank you to the dedicated staff of Released Time and to Rabbi Dechter, Rabbi Kornblatt and Rabbi Mordechai Hecht for helping make the camps the success they were.

For more information on the Jewish Released Time program and to see a full array of pictures, visit

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  • 1. Resident wrote:

    You have no idea what these bachurim do for these kids. dont underestimate yourself. I work in a school in queens , where the nurse,a 35 year old woman , is now shommer shabbos and kosher because of the boys who used to learn with her while she was in public school

  • 2. amazing peulos wrote:

    continue to make the Rebbe proud!!!
    and while you’re doing that you’ll make yourselves proud too and bring Moshiach now

  • 3. Attention #1 wrote:

    An amazing story! We at Released Time are working on compiling stories of Released Time’s Success.

    Please email us at so we can get more details on this story.

    Also, if anyone reading this has a story to share,Please email us.



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