Bais Rivkah Institutes New Security Measures

In light of the current terror situation gripping the world, Bais Rivkah Girls’ School of Crown Heights made the decision to be proactive about its students’ and faculty’s safety, and implemented new security measures that have already been put into effect.

The following letter was sent out by Bais Rivkah’s administration to the parents:

Dear Parents,

After extensive research done in conjunction with the New York City Police Department and the security consulting firm called Guidepost Solutions LLC., Beth Rivkah Lefferts has implemented a new security system, to ensure the safety of all students and staff on our campus. The main entrance, Lefferts Ave. Exit #1, will now have a registered security guard, and our current security guard will be at our East New York Ave. entrance, Exit #2. In addition to the new security team, we are in the process of installing alarms and cameras throughout the building. In order to ensure the effectiveness of our new security system we must have the full cooperation of everyone visiting Beth Rivkah Campus Chomesh, 470 Lefferts Ave.

The following is a list of new policies and procedures that will be strictly enforced to ensure the safety of our children:

  1. The Beth Rivkah Campus Chomesh building opens up at 8:30am Monday-Friday, and 9:10am on Sunday. (Students who have detention will be allowed into the building at 8:45am on Sundays.) NO student will be allowed in the building before then, unless they come to school by bus.
  2. When bringing your children to school, ONLY the main entrance (Lefferts Ave. Exit #1) and the East New York Ave. entrance (Exit #2) can be used. The glass door in the octagon is no longer an entrance or an exit.
  3. All strollers must be left outside by drop-off and pick-up (in the event of rain please remember to bring a rain cover) and taken home with you.
  4. After 9:30am ALL parents MUST use the main entrance (Lefferts Ave. Exit #1) and sign in with the security guard before being allowed into the building. Once in the building, you MUST wear your visitor’s badge indicating that that you have clearance to be in the building.
  5. After 9:30am, parents from grades 1-8 will not be allowed to escort their children to class; children will need to be dropped off at the main entrance (Lefferts Ave. Exit #1). Any person seen in the building without an ID tag or visitor’s badge will be stopped and sent back to the main entrance immediately.
  1. When entering or exiting the building, please do not allow ANYONE in behind you. Please be vigilant as you enter and exit the building.

The above security measures are thanks in part to a grant received from Mr. and Mrs. Yerachmiel Jacobson, as well as the generous support and help of the Beth Rivkah parents, who each paid a $150.00 security fee per family during registration. We are certain that with the cooperation of both Beth Rivkah parents and staff we will be able to achieve our goal of keeping our children safe.


Benzion Stock                                                      Rabbi Binyamin Wolf
Administrator                                                       Campus Chomesh Building Administrator


  • 1. Anon wrote:

    While these new security measures are certainly in the category of “feigelach in buzem”, if it makes the BR admin or board feel better about themselves, so be it.

    However, BR should have notified parents about this new arrangement BEFORE implementing it. All I saw this morning was scores of frustrated head-start parents trying to figure out where to go, and leave where to leave their strollers. (Nevermind the bottle-neck at the main entrance with 100s of girls dodging strollers).

    I guess this is just another example of BR’s doing things in their own special way.

  • 2. Security wrote:

    These are excellent measures. I am guessing the guards aren’t armed, so how would they prevent an attack? What about bullet proof glass/film for the octagon? It is a very soft target.

  • 3. Missed the Point!!! wrote:

    You MUST have armed guards at the premises! Your little sticky note “badge” is not what makes a place safe…..
    I didn’t expect more from this administration. Time to change the guards…..

  • 6. Chachomim gedolim wrote:

    Why not take out a full page ad in the New York Times to advertise to the world the obviouse security loopholes here. PSA, or PR??

  • 7. Locked and Loaded Lubavitcher wrote:

    Not only a bad joke, but a very DANGEROUS joke. How pray tell, is a very sweet and kind looking young lady with a “dollar store” badge going to protect the the staff and students when a heavily armed group of rampaging terrrorists comes in shooting everyone in sight cv’s?!?!?!? This is a pathetic excuse of a “knee jerk/feel good” reaction by a well meaning but inept administration to address a very REAL threat!!
    The real answer is; designated, we’ll trained, armed guards, and faculty and administration staff who are trained and carry concealed weapons at all time (this of course is in addition to good Mezuzos and extra tzedakah and tehillim).


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