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Oholei Torah Calendar Highlights the ’70s

Oholei Torah has released its calendar for this coming year, 5776, which will be available free of charge at Crown Heights stores for the benefit of the community.

This year’s calendar highlights professional photos taken during early 70s, which were recently found and brought into the Oholei Torah Archive office.

With its unique large format, appealing style and chassideshe dates, it is the calendar of choice for many households in Crown Heights and beyond.

The calendar was designed by Impact Imaging, and printed by The Print House. It carries many local vendors’ advertisements.

You can pick up your complimentary copy at Empire Kosher, Kol-Tuv, The Market Place, Hamafitz Judaica, and Mr. Greens. They are also available at the various Oholei Torah Offices, or by email:

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  • 1. Curios wrote:

    Just out of curiosity. Hoe does school benefit from giving out calendar for free?


  • 3. Zalmy.Schapiro wrote:

    I get the calendar every single year it is unbelievable looking forward to see it again thanks for sharing and thanks for the updates

  • 4. to #1 wrote:

    First of all, the calendar is full of ads, which I am sure more then cover the costs, and more over, why can’t a Mossad, or person do something good and beneficial with a direct benifit? Have we became so “fahrtahmt?”

  • 6. oki toki boy 73-76 wrote:

    to post # wake up and smell the coffee

    and after that place yr add next year

    shannah tovah

    • 7. Gam Atem wrote:

      Wishing you a year full of the best-smelling coffee ever! For best results, smell it in the mornings after waking up.


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