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60-Year-Old Chabadnik Promoted to Major in IDF

Rabbi Moshe Dickstein, a Chabad Chassid from Beersheva, was promoted to Major in the IDF this week.

Dickstein was promoted to the rank of Major as a chaplain in the reserves for the Home Front Command. Even at a very respectable age, Rabbi Dickstein continues to perform reserve duty.

Dickstein has received certificates of appreciation several times for his work for the city’s residents. As a civilian, he is the manager of a Chabad store selling religious articles, tefillin and mezuzah, and serves as a volunteer in charge of the koshering of kitchens all over the city. Beersheba residents are used to seeing Rabbi Dickstein walking around with a long white beard and his officer’s insignia on his shoulders.

As a rabbi in the IDF, his roles include identifying bodies, and everything else involved with keeping the IDF a shomer mitzovot army. He also organizes and gives lectures to encourage and strengthen the soldiers, and raise Jewish consciousness. He also prints books of Tanya for the merit of the soldiers.



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