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Kinus Hashluchos Haolami Opens This Week

This week Merkos Leinyonai Chinuch will be opening the Kinus Hashluchos Haolami. The Kinus is set to be one of the larges ever, with over 1600 Shluchos registered from around the world!

This year the Vaad HaKinus has been working on many new and exiting programs that will take place throughout the weekend of Chof Bais Shvat, the Rebbetzins Yohtziet. The Kinus opens up on Wednesday the 19th of Shvat and goes on through the 24th of Shvat which will culminate with the grand Banquet that will take place in the Brooklyn Marriot. The keynote address will be given by the Head Shlucha to Argentina, Mrs. Shterna Grunblatt.

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