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Info to Be Menachem Avel Gurary Family

The Gurary family will be sitting Shiva after the passing of their son and brother, Uri, OBM, at 544 Crown Street [between Kingston and Albany Aves.] until Monday morning, after which they will continue the Shiva in Antwerp, Belgium.

Shachris – 9:30am, Mincha – Shkia, Maariv – Tzeis.

Memories and condolences can be sent to The family can also be reached at 718-467-6146.

Hamokom Yenachem Eschem Besoch She’ar Aveilei Tzion V’yerushalaim.

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  • 1. Shimon and Gilah Evers wrote:

    Dear Mendel and Etty,

    We really feel shocked about the tragic loss of your dear son Uri. May he be a maylits yoisher for you and the whole family to give you strength.
    Hamokoim yenachem eschem besoich shear aveilei Tsion ViYerushalaim

    Shimon and Gilah


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