College Students Enjoy Week of Torah and Inspiration

The 6th annual Miami Torah Experience took place in North Miami Beach, Florida, on December 23-31, 2014, with over 20 participants from various universities worldwide.

The program offered a hands-on opportunity to explore classical texts chavrusa-style in Chassidus, Talmud and Chumash. It was the first opportunity for many of the participants to explore the depth of Judaism.

Students were treated to wonderful classes from noted scholars such as Rabbis Leibel Schapiro, Yisroel Fried, Manis Friedman, Yisroel Geisinsky, Avraham Korf, Sholom Ber Lipskar and Yosef Marlow, as well as from world-renowned entertainer Dr. Laz.

They also had plenty of time to participate in fun and exciting recreational activities such as kayaking, jet skiing, beach volley ball, bowling and speed boating in the Florida alligator swamps.

“Participants left the program on a high and full of enthusiasm, and many have vowed to return to spend full time in yeshiva at a later time in their lives after being exposed to such interesting ideas and concepts,” said the organizer, Rabbi Immanuel Storfer.  “It was inspiring spending a week around such sincere individuals who usually spent hours asking questions way past the time the official classes ended.  A few of the students extended their trip and spent part of their break in our regular year-long program and have vowed to return in the future during their next break.”

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