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Smicha Program lectured by Rabbi Bogomilsky

GOLDEN BEACH, FL [CHI] — As part of an ongoing monthly Halacha series, the Yeshiva Smicha program of Golden Beach greeted Rabbi Moshe Bogomilsky last week. Rabbi Bogomilsky spoke extensively on topics of chupah v’nisuin.

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Each month, the bochurim focus on a particular facet of halacha. As a follow-up on and reinforcement of this preparation they are then treated to a shiur from an expert in that particular field.

In the recent past, Rabbi Yitzchak Hanoka from the O-K visited to speak about various inyonim pertaining to kashrus, including a fascinating insight to the world of industrial hashgacha. Rabbi Yosef Yitzchak Altein, an expert sofer, delivered a three-day seminar on writing sifrei Torah and tefillin, as well as a crash course on hilchos mezuzah. The yeshiva had the pleasure of hosting Rabbi Gavriel Tzinner, acclaimed author of the Nitei Gavriel series, who spoke on several topics of his expertise. Rabbi David Shochet, Moro D’asra of Toronto, gave advice to the bochurim on how to approach shaalos in Halacha, how to respond appropriately, and what is considered an applicable situation to search for a heter.

We look forward to having Rabbi Bogomilsky back to speak about a Rav’s approach to hilchos kvurah v’aveilus (may there be no further need for their usage). The bochurim also receive an ongoing shiur on how to approach communication, interaction, and social skills as “shlichus training” from Rabbi Chaim Itche Drizin and others.


  • 1. Just wondering wrote:

    Isn’t that last picture of the Soffer Rabbi Yosef Altein f Crown Heights?

  • 4. moshe chaim wrote:

    I have a few freinds in that smicha program. the rumor has it that it is the best program around these all matters GASHMIYUS and RUCHNIYUS.

  • 5. proud Mom wrote:

    Yeshivas Or Amram is a great Smicha program – Rabbi Chay Omar really cares that the bochurim have a thorough smicha education in all aspects. Yasher Koach!

  • 7. a fan wrote:

    Rabbi Gurari, you are amazing!! Keep it up, we loved your leadership!!


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