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Two Years After Wedding, Couple Are Parents to a Dozen Children

Tali Farkash – Chabad.org

Furnished with all of a child’s needs, the dormitories at the Ohr Simcha educational complex in Kfar Chabad, Israel, give children from unstable families the opportunity to become part of a new home. (Photos: Y. Belinko)

KFAR CHABAD, Israel — It’s nighttime as Chaya Shitrit, 20, passes by a child’s bed, forgetting to pull tight one of the blankets, as she regularly does.

“Chaya, my blanket fell off,” comes a soft voice. “Could you tuck me in?”

One down, 10 more to go.

Welcome to the Shitrit home, part of the Ohr Simcha education complex in Kfar Chabad, Israel. One of two “family homes,” or mishpachton in Hebrew, at the center, its administrators – a young married couple – run the facility like any other household. It’s children come from all over, sharing the lamentable predicament that, for whatever reasons, their birth parents cannot care for them anymore.

Chaya and Yochai Shitrit have been married for just under two years. Together, they care for 11 children, as well as their new baby daughter.

“We do homework with them,” says the husband, “play with them when they come home, give them baths, eat supper with them, put them to sleep, and everything in between. Just like any other home.”

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