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Accident Involving Two Vehicles on Albany & Eastern Pkwy.

CROWN HEIGHTS [CHI] — At around 10:45 this morning, Sunday, two cars collided in the intersection of Eastern Parkway and Albany Avenue. The accident occurred as one car attempted to make a left turn off the parkway and was hit by an oncoming car.

More pictures in the Extended Article.

One car, carrying a Jewish family had an infant onboard who was treated by Hatzalah as a precaution and was transported to hospital to be checked out, thank g-d no one else was injured and all refused medical attention at the scene.


  • 1. Be careful wrote:

    I saw the accident happen. It was frightening. Two non Jewish pedestrians who were casually walking at that corner came within inches of being bowled over when the front car came up on the curb. I think one of them was actually hit slightly but he walked away. Eastern Parkway is a high speed raceway and people should know not to walk close to the street, but to stay in the center of the island when possible. Parents need to warn their kids about this.

  • 2. N.S wrote:

    after both cars could go theres a lights that only the lane on the right go,AND NOT BE HIT

  • 4. resident wrote:

    when i need to cross eastern parkway i am always waiting for red light protecting myself from the car speeding behind the pole and usually i don’t cross untill all the cars stopped even if it’s green for me, i don’t trust drivers. Eastern Parkway is a dangerous street cars are flying and it just take one half second of inattention for the driver to fly into the side walk. very scary!!!

  • 5. Yossie Jaffe wrote:

    Oh my G-d! Hashem, that baby deserve to live! A quick Refuah Shelimah! By the way, this is so not a fun bumper car. Bumper cars are only in a amusment park!

  • 6. carefull wrote:

    many drivers don’t wait for the green light to turn left on albany,that’s a BIG mistake


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