Hiloula of Rabbi Yitzchok Abuhatzeira זצוק”ל זי”ע celebrated in Crown Heights

14 Shevat is the Yahrzeit of the saintly mekubal Rabbi Yitzchok Abuhatzeira.

Several years prior to his birth, his saintly father, Rabbi Yaacov, known as the Abir Yaacov, chose to become a Porush, no longer having conjugal relations with his wife, so that he could dedicate more time to learning and become closer to Hashem.

One evening he dreamt that the Arizal Hakadosh appeared to him and said you are meant to have another son who will have my Neshama and should be named after me.

He resumed back to his former state and nine months later, Rabbi Yitzchok was born in the city of Risani, Morocco.

At age 12, he composed the famous song אעופה אשקונה which is totally based on Kaballah and Zohar and speaks of the yearning of the Neshama to be closer to Hashem.

He was a tremendous Talmid Chochom and Mekubal, and wrote many commentaire on the teachings of the Arizal and his student, Rav Chaim Vital.

He was the teacher and mentor of his nephew Rabbi Yisroel Abuhatzeira, later to be named as the Babe Sale.

On Friday,14 Shevat 5672,at the young age of 52, he was killed by Arab thieves as he was traveling to collect funds for his father’s Yeshiva. Despite the late hour, the sun stood still allowing the Jewish community to take his body for Kevurah in the nearby city of Tuloune, perform the Kevurah, return to the city, and only then did the sun set so that the Shabbat was not desecrated.

Over 8,000 people traveled this year to Tuloune, Morocco where he is buried. People who daven there are known to ask for outright miracles.

Merkaz Sepharad Chabad, under the dynamic leadership of HaRav Eliezer (Lazer) Avtzon, and in collaboration with the Lipsker and Zaetz families who are direct decendants of the Abuhatzeira family, chose to dedicate this evening to his memory and to bring Brachot and Yeshuot for all those in need.

This follows the previous Hiloulot for the Abir Yaacov and Rambam on 20 Tevet, and for the Babe Sale on 4 Shevat.