Crown Heights Rov Celebrates Birthday With Surprise Farbrengen


Harav Moshe Raitport, Rov of the Beinoni Shtibel in Crown Heights, celebrated his birthday this past Thursday with a surprise farbrengen attended by dozens of chaverim and fellow Rabbonim.

The event was arranged by the members of The Beinoni Shtibel, a thriving vibrant shul in the heart of Crown Heights, and included notable guests including Rabbi Shlomo Zarchi and Rabbi Lazer Avtzon.

The Farbrengen was addressed by Rabbi Shlomo Zarchi that spoke about the Rov’s 40th birthday and other interesting inyaninim.

MC’ing the event, and speaking on behalf of the shul, Rabbi Mendy Heshkop presented the Rov with a beautiful picture of Rabbi Rairport by the Rebbe with an inscription that expresses the Shul’s deep gratitude for all that he does for community in particular, and Crown Heights at large.

Harav Raitport then proceeded to farbreng with words of Torah and Chassidus, inspiring the assembled.

Also notably at the event was Rabbi Tuvia Kasimov and Gadi Hershkop of Crown Heights Shomrim.

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