On-A-Roll Crafts: The Cutest Tu B’Shvat Flower Pot Faces

With Tu B’shvat coming up, let’s get planting! But why would you put your plant in a regular boring flower pot when you can put it in an adorable pot with personality.

Flower pot
Saucer (plate)
Small wooden ball
Googly eyes
Fake lashes
Glue Gun
Permanent markers
Dress up decor (ex:glasses, earrings, pearls, bow)

Step 1: glue gun the small round ball to the middle of the flower pot
Step 2: paint the pot and saucer
Step 3: attach googly eyes and lashes
Step 4: add in the rest of the face (mouth, beauty mark) with paint or permanent marker
Step 5: have fun dressing up Mrs. or Mr. Pots!
Step 6: subscribe to “onarollcrafts” on youtube for more awesome craft content!

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