Camp Lman Achai Tours Crown Heights, Shows Jewish Pride in Times Square


Campers of both the Junior and Teen divisions of Camp Lman Achai toured Crown Heights this past week, imbibing Jewish knowledge, becoming inspired, and displaying their Jewish pride.

Arriving on different days, both the junior and teen divisions of Camp Lman Achai made the Rebbe’s Ohel in Queens one of their first stops, beginning their days with inspiration and meaning. From there they traveled to Crown Heights where they visited 770, were given an up close tour of how a Sefer Torah and Tefillin are made at Hasofer, enjoyed delicious Ice Cream at Sweet Expressions, had a complete Jewish Children Museum experience, and visited local stores.

After finishing in Crown Heights, the campers traveled by Subway to Manhattan where they visited Time Square, putting their Jewish pride on display before returning to Brooklyn with a walk over the Brooklyn Bridge.

The older Teen Division added extra stops to their journey, enjoying axe throwing, joining a Rally in 770 led by last year’s learning director Meir Shlomo Zaltzman, making a stop at Ground Zero, and experiencing the Manhattan Jewish Heritage Museum‘s Holocaust exhibit.

All told, the trip left the campers invigorated and inspired, ready to take their Jewish pride with them far beyond the camp grounds.

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