Project Yedid Delivers Joy with Summer-in-a-Box to Yesomim in the Crown Heights Community

Summer’s in the air, and amidst the noise, the yesomim wondered if they too could pick up on the notes of cheer. 

Now, over 700 yesomim are entering the summer with smiles, ready to face it head-on. Project Yedid of Misaskim delivered an exciting summer package to children in over 10 neighborhoods, and over 50 yesomim under the age of 15 in Crown Heights alone—complete with chalk, bubbles, a 3D pen, and a ball with a pump. 

Project Yedid is always concerned for the welfare of the yesomim—during the year and during the summer. That’s why they also enclosed heartwarming envelopes with “shliach mitzvah money”. This money serves to protect the yesomim, since they’re each designated as a special shaliach.

Whether the children spend their summer in camp, home, or upstate with family, their summer takes on a higher note when they know they’re thought about and cared for.

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