The Belle Events 2.0 Announced As Second $7,500 Grant Winner


It’s giving, and it’s global.

A philanthropists fueled grant that gives money to Crown Heights-based organizations has named its second recipient, The Belle Events 2.0 Gemach.

The grant, earmarked exclusively for Crown Heights organizations new to crowdfunding, joins the global giving day fundraiser that is fueling more than 500 Chabad institutions worldwide, and still has more to give.

Of the $30,000 going only to Crown Heights institutions, there is still $15,000 still waiting for a new cause. APPLY NOW!

The deadline to apply for the grant is SundayDec 19, 2021

The most recent winner, Devorah Bukiet of The Belle Events 2.0 – Zev Wolf and Doba Nisnevitch Gemach, will be receiving $7,500 cash to boost her reach and ability to help the community.

What is Belle Events 2.0? It’s a Gemach of everything a family might need to make a Bar or Bas Mitzvah, Upshern, Bris or more. From gowns to tablecloths and from music to decor, Belle Events provides HUNDREDS of families with just what they need to make their event unique, without breaking the bank.

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