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Video of the Day

Getting a person to laugh is always a fun prospect, getting a special person to laugh, priceless. Watch as Rabbi JJ Hecht gets the Rebbe to laugh, and comment below if you have any details on the video.


  • 2. Anonymous wrote:

    The Rebbe spoke at the children’s rally on 18 Tishrei 5749 about the chitas of the day, that shevet Dan was מאסף לכל המחנות, that they gathered what other people lost or they found people who were lost themselves, and brought them to their right place. The Rebbe said that the lesson for us is that we have to bring back yidden (להשיב = תשובה) to their source, which is also to a specific place (מחנות), and if they lost an “order of the day” (a Mitzvah), we should bring it to them.
    While Rabbi Hecht was repeating the Rebbe’s words in English, Rabbi Yosef Minkowitz, who was at the rally, quickly jotted on a piece of paper the words מאסף לכל המחנות and added its numerical equivalent, the Gematria was exactly 770!
    Someone standing next to Rabbi Minkowitz took the paper and brought it over to Rabbi Hecht, who first checked the calculation and then announced it in front of the Rebbe at the conclusion of the rally.
    On the video you see the Rebbe’s happy reaction.


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