Video of the Day

Crown Heights Shomrim has released video of the two Jewish girls being pushed on Kingston Ave late Monday night. The alleged perpetrator has been arrested by the NYPD with the help of Crown Heights Shomrim, and identified as the assailant in both the attack on Kingston Ave, and Sterling St.

The alleged perpetrator was previously arrested in January for a spree of similar incidents. The man is being charged for aggravated harassment and endangering the welfare of a child.


  • 1. The DA will release him wrote:

    Because he knows we don’t vote so he’ll pander to them.

  • 4. Why don't most residents vote? wrote:

    If they did, the DA would lock these thugs up.

  • 5. If we voted, the politicians would pressure the police wrote:

    And they would take our safety much more seriously.

  • 6. Eric Gonzalez will let him go like the others wrote:

    He’s not afraid of being voted out of the District Attorney’s office because most of us DON’T vote.

  • 7. Equal Opportunity Pusher wrote:

    Looks like the guy tries to push everyone he meets.

  • 8. Together we can triumph wrote:

    Don’t leave home without your bag of a kosher mezuzah, Chitas, and pushka. A true protection! Two other ideas: go even a drop out of your way for achdus. Do something to not add klipa into the air. For example,Bli Neder, I am making a determination to speak in a pleasant tone of voice, and be on the lookout for times I might feel annoyed and be especially pleasant and upbeat then. Like pennies in a pushka, All our little actions will add up and make a good and noticeable difference .


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