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Choizrim Share Zichronos at Halikut Siyum

At Vaad Hatmimim’s grand Halikut Siyum on Likkutei Sichos Cheilek Chof, held on the 11th of Shevat 5779, the editors of Lekutei Sichos came to celebrate. The event happened following the tests and competitions completed on the Sichos, and the Bochurim were excited to greet all those who had taken part in the editing of Likkutei Sichos.

For the first time ever, the editors all sat down to share memories and insights on the background of Likkutei Sichos. At the event was the Rebbe’s chief Chozer Rabbi Yoel Kahn, Rabbi Leibel Altein, Rabbi Dovid Olidort, Rabbi Leibel Schapiro, and Rabbi Nachman Schapiro.

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