Caught on Camera: What Not to do When you see a School Bus with its Red Lights Flashing

This educational video is making its rounds on social media, as it shows what NOT to do when you see a school bus with its red lights flashing.

This surveillance video was taken from the 18th Ave Viznitz in Boro Park, Brooklyn. A car can be seen driving onto the sidewalk to bypass a school bus that had just stopped to deboard children. The car can be seen suddenly stopping, as it nearly hits a child who had stepped from between two parked school busses.


  • 1. Insane! wrote:

    That driver should have their license permanently revoked, and serve a week or two behind bars.

  • 2. Concerned parent wrote:

    I hope this video was sent to NYPD. That was a reckless and dangerous thing the driver did. But it was in BP and prob a Jew so prob not reported.

    • 3. Why say that wrote:

      Why say it’s probably a Yid???

      It may be and he should get whatever he deserves.

      But why say that it’s probably a Yid???

  • 4. Mechoel. wrote:

    Absolutely disgusting. A meeting a workload a family issue. Nothing is worth the safety of children. No wonder the Sh’kutzim compksin about the drivers in town. Absolutely nauseating

  • 6. to adult standing there wrote:

    I hope you got the plate number. this makes my blood boil …..

  • 7. S. L. wrote:

    He was on this way to the hospital, his wife was in labor, I have heard this from first hand account, I am not defending him,it was dangerous and reckless but just think how you would react in that case when your wife would be in labor and your trying to make it to the hospital in time?

    • 9. אין דוחין נפש מפני נפש wrote:

      There is absolutely no justification to go on the sidewalk like that, especially in the situation of a school/schoolbus.

      That would probably hold true even if C”V it was a stroke victim in the car.

  • 11. chana wrote:

    Why didn’t the adult watching the children unload do anything? He should have kept additional children from crossing, and yelled to the other ones to stay close to the building.


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