Thinking Breiter, Beyond Ourselves

Watch testimonials on how Oholai Torah thinks beyond itself in helping others. Now, they are asking us to think beyond ourselves, and Think Breiter to Give Breiter.

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YOU Can Help Solve The Tuition Crisis!

Who doesn’t struggle to make ends meet? Who doesn’t worry about paying the bills? Dealing with financial concerns is addressed time and again in Torah in general and Chassidus specifically.

Chinuch, true, pure, Jewish education, is as essential to a Jew as water is to a fish. Maybe more so: without water, a fish’s physical life is in peril. Without Torah, without the Tents of Torah, a Jew’s spiritual life is in peril. As the Rebbe, in Igrot Kodesh, often describes the urgency of Torah education and the urgency in assuring that all have the dignified means to access it: If someone walks by a river and sees a Jewish child drowning, would one not jump in to save the child, no matter whose child it is? How much more so in spiritual matters — if someone is drowning, would we not do everything in our power to through that person a life-saver?

Today, for many of us, drowning means drowning in increasing financial burden and fiscal distress. With rising housing costs, medical insurance premiums, overdue bills, and daily expenses, we all know someone struggling mightily — drowning in the raging oceanic waters of physical material challenges.

For many, the cost of Chinuch, the cost of providing the very essence of Torah education to their children, is simply overwhelming.

That’s why, upon the Rebbe’s directive for Oholei Torah to do everything with “Breitkeit,” we alloted over $7,000,000 in scholarships this year. Every talmid, every student, regardless of financial considerations, must experiences the best Chassidisher education with the utmost dignity.

But we cannot do it alone: We need you to Think Breiter as well. We are raising $500,000 for our Scholarship Fund until 10PM  tonight. We need you to give, and give with a Chassidishe Breitkeit!

Please go to and give with an open hand and a full heart.

Someone you know well, a sibling, family member, friend, neighbor, classmate, co-worker, or fellow community member, will benefit directly by your funds and an Oholei Torah supplemental scholarship.

With your generosity and HaShem’s brochos, the hevel tinokos shel bais raban reverberating in your honor will surely result in infinite and revealed blessings for yourself, the community, and the entire world.

Thank you for Thinking Breiter and giving Beyond Yourself.

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