Video of the Day

A very relaxed package thief thought he made it off a porch undetected earlier this month. The Crown Heights porch, located on Carroll St, held an unexpected addition he failed to notice, a video camera!

The thief can be seen walking onto the porch while looking around multiple times. After successfully making it onto the porch, he relaxes for a minute before swooping down and tucking a package into his jacket. Unfortunately for him, the whole incident, including his face, was caught clearly on camera.


  • 2. Gershon Hoffman wrote:

    Got away with it from what I saw .. LOL.. Has a hood / they all look the same : ) From your headline thought caught.him in the act .. Haha.

  • 5. Mordechai wrote:

    Punching, shoving, muggings, stealing cats and packages!!! Stop this easily:
    Maybe a few more cuddly pictures between police and membets of Crown Heights CC will solve the problem!@@@
    I love seeing them meet at the 71 and close cuddly smiling pics with the brass, followed by nothing.
    This is going on for years.
    CH people get new leadership!


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