Music Video “Berel,” by Motty Ilowitz

“Berel,” the 5th track of Motty’s Ilowitz’s recent album 5778, is a music video single in Yiddish that highlights the personal struggle of a parent with an overactive son. Sung in an upbeat and slightly satirical way, the songs epic ending shows us all to look at ourselves for change.

Composed, written, and performed by Motty Ilowitz. Produced by Naftuli Schnitzler (Schnitzler Studios). Music Arranged by Shlomo Zalmen Wechter. Video by On Time Studios.


  • 1. haa wrote:

    hysterical (for us to watch, i”m sure not for taty) however good news is, since I am quite familiar, they grow out of it! and these make fantastic shluchim!!!

  • 2. chaim wrote:

    this song would be very powerful with english subtitles! i wanna share it but noone will no the translation…


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