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Video: The Rebbe Asks the Children to Sing

This rare color footage is from a Farbrengen that was filmed for a television program in 1973 called The Spark. The Rebbe asked the children to start a lively Niggun and they began singing a melody composed for the Rebbe’s 70th birthday, B’cha Hashem.

In the clip, you can see and hear Rabbi J.J. Hecht as he describes the goings on to those listening via telephone hookup around the world.

6 Tishrei, 5734 – September 26, 1973

Excerpt from Living Torah Disc 178, Program 711

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  • 1. Thank u wrote:

    Amazing how they found a video from 44 1/2 years ago & comes out for the 1st time now, it’s totally amazing, tyvmfs (thank you very much for sharing) this very Special Great Amazing Beautiful video of the Rebbe, great job well done


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