Let’s create the Rebbe’s niggunim #2!

It has been a bit over 2 years since the Rebbe’​s Niggunim Volume 1 hit the shelves. Boruch Hashem,​ it is still going strong. ​Over 4,000 DVDs have been sold around the world. More importantly, thousands of kids now know and sing the niggunim, which no doubt gives the Rebbe great nachas. The Rebbe’s Nigunnim Volume I has even been translated into French! ​Yet there is one question Producer Chaim Hershkowitz gets over and over: ​When​ is Volume 2 coming out​?​ ​Hershkowitz responds, “I wish I could tell them.”

The fact is, Tashbar Media took a huge loss on the first project. Says Hershkowitz, “Each segment of the DVD required paying the recording artists, the studio musicians, the video and audio production houses and the artists who drew the Rebbe’s fabrengens. The entire production was extremely costly. ​For that reason, we put Volume II on hold until we could arrange for funding. “

HOWEVER, TODAY is Chof Zayin Adar, with only three weeks to 11 Nissan. We thought what better time, and what better gift could we give the Rebbe than to produce the 2nd volume of the Rebbe’s Niggunim, so that thousands more children will sing his​ niggunim.

We are directly inviting Chabad Chassidim worldwide to make it happen. The money that YOU give will go straight to making The Rebbe’s Niggunim Volume 2; the last 7 niggunim that the Rebbe taught.

Chaim Hershkowitz promises, “Because of the undeniable success of Volume 1, we intend to maintain the same style, guaranteeing that kids will know and love Volume 2. The biggest stars and best talent will once again join in the project. But we can’t do it without your support.”

On this auspicious day of Chof Zayin Adar, help create a DVD of niggunim that children will learn and live with. Your children—and their children—will thank you.