Retreat Moments: Jewish Comedy with Avi Liberman

Comedian Avi Liberman entertained the crowd at the last National Jewish Retreat with his unique style of Jewish comedy.

This lecture took place at the 12th annual National Jewish Retreat. For more information and to register for the next retreat, visit:

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  • 2. Gun wrote:

    Stop being such a stick in the mud.yo u its not funny but I find him quite amusing .u just can’t take fun

  • 5. Not so kosher funny wrote:

    I’m uncomfortable with Jewish comedians who say negative things or poke fun at Rabbis and Yomim Tovim all in the name of humor. When it’s one long rant it comes out rather disingenuous.

  • 6. Vaad Ruchni wrote:

    Entertainment must be thoroughly checked ahead of time. Some stuff is funny, and lots of it disrespectful and tasteless. Not how we are working hard to present Yiddishkeit at all

  • 7. 6 minutes in... wrote:

    …laughed once. Not planning on watching more.

    Why was this shared?


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