Video: Reflecting on the Death of Ari Halberstam

Errol Louis reflects on the death of Ari Halberstam, 24 years later, and the families of all faiths and backgrounds that are dealing with old wounds that never completely heal.


  • 2. Yitzechok wrote:

    Ye. I remember that. And was very interesting how he got caught. The very next day. All because he had to get his window fixed. BH he’s LOCKED UP FOR LIFE!!!
    Let it stay that way. Thank you Hashem.

  • 3. nice wrote:

    Nice. I remember when this horrific event took place. But let’s remember that it was the lunatic that was the killer, not the gun. Keep to the story, not an agenda. The same way police use them to take these crazies out, normal civilians can too (and do about 2 million times a year).


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