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Video: My Brother Shua

Menachem Polonsky, brother of Shua Polonsky, a 31-year old father of 2 who is fighting for his life after contracting a sudden and rare disease, speaks a few heartfelt words about what his brother means to him and all who know and love him, before leading a prayer for his recovery.


  • 2. English sign wrote:

    What a very moving video. I hope the family unity that came thru Shua,OBM continues.

  • 3. Fiona wrote:

    Let’s see the communal unity extend to meaningful help
    Young Wife and infant children need long term help
    Emotional help
    Financial help
    Continuous friendship which extend to after the Shiva
    So many positive and practical issues
    Weeping is for sissies action is test of communal maturity


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