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Video: Adam Sandler and Daughter Shake Lulav

American actor and comedian Adam Sandler has been filmed making a blessing with his daughter on the lulav and esrog after bumping into Chabad rabbis near Brentwood, Los Angeles.

Chabad of Brentwood, Los Angeles, led by Shliach Rabbi Baruch Hecht, set up a Mivtzoim booth around the corner from the local Chabad House for the holiday of Sukkos.

While running the booth, the Rabbi’s son-in-law, Rabbi Zalman Goodman from Manchester, England, and the Rabbi’s nephew Srulik Gurevitch from Frankfurt, Germany, bumped into Adam Sandler, who is Jewish, and his daughter, and offered them the oppertunity to do the Mitzvah, which they readily accepted.


  • 1. Who is Adam Sandler wrote:

    Never heard of him before, but nice to see a Jew and his daughter are shaking the arba minim.

    • 6. just another jew wrote:

      YOU judge too mutch!!…… find something to give you pleasure besides ripping into others…… i wish you feel better …. be well

    • 7. Milhouse wrote:

      Either a person is Jewish or they are not. It’s a binary question. And there is no reason to believe Mrs Sandler is Jewish.

  • 8. Adam sandler is wrote:

    A very famous actor and comedian… He has a song about chanukah… i dont know who his wife is or if she is jewish of not…
    so, good job for doing a mitzvah and keep it up! So nice to see jews doing mitzvos!!

  • 10. A nice check wrote:

    I hope he wrote a very nice check to the Chabad House that these Bachurim are representing, he’s a very very very wealthy man


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