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Video: Charedi Jews Cover Airplane’s Video Screen

Via Yeshiva World News: It is unknown where this flight was flying to, or if this was a privately chartered flight, but the video speaks for itself. After the screens are covered, some passengers break out in applause.


  • 2. Frequent Flyer wrote:

    I assume that they keep their eyes tightly closed when walking through city streets, airports, government buildings, etc. One can only conclude that these individuals are so insecure in their beliefs, personal morality and sense of self that they must go to these extremes. (By the way, any problem with the female flight attendants – or is it OK for women to be around if in a purely subservient role?)

    • 3. ahavasyisroel wrote:

      When Moshiach comes, halacha will be law of the land and all flights will be like this. Get ready!

  • 4. probably to uman.. wrote:

    i can see why they covered it, they’re likely flying as a group and have the whole plane to themselves.

  • 5. ahavasyisroel wrote:

    It is great that they are not afraid to take a stand for Torah instead of apologizing for it like it is some embarrassing burden

  • 6. All Frum Chassidish Flight wrote:

    The way it looks is that this fight is a charter with only chassidisheh yidden, if that is the case it’s understood why the covered the screen, no question about that, the only issue is why didn’t they tell the flight attendants or the ppl who show the films not to show any movies, this way they wouldn’t have to worry about covering the screen, they wouldn’t show it to begin with, this is such a simple thing, why didn’t they tell the flight ppl we don’t want any movies shown on the entire flight please & being that it was all bought out by chassidisheh yidden, they would respect it & not show any movies, the whole thing is weird to begin with, does anyone know if it wasn’t a charter flight with chassidisheh yidden ?

    • 8. Amused Observer wrote:

      Exactly. If it’s a chartered flight*, who cares what they did? Dog bites man.

      *They’d never get away with this on a commercial fight.

  • 9. dr wrote:

    ok, I’m embarassed.
    they can just put in ear plugs and avert their eyes. they have no right to disturb someone elses right to watch. I would just not look and not listen. bring earplugs and figure out how to do it without being a miserable human being and bothering everyone else. really not ok.

    • 10. ahavasyisroel wrote:

      well if it is assur to watch something then they really don’t have the right to watch, no?

  • 11. oh gosh wrote:

    If it’s a chartered flight, fine, they can do whatever they want. If this is a commercial flight, then this would be ridiculous. You cannot impose your views or preferences on everyone else. Besides this type of action on a “public” flight, or any public space for that matter, would be such a chilul Hashem. If they are not allowed to watch they should just not look at it.


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