Video: A Different Version of ‘Avinu Malkeinu’

A vintage video of the famed Chazan Rabbi Zalman Bronstein, OBM, one of the founding settlers of Kfar Chabad, was recently uploaded to Youtube, in which he sings the age-old Chabad Niggun ‘Avinu Malkeinu’ in a slightly different Nusach than what is familiar to most Lubavitcher Chassidim today.

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  • admirer

    So Geshmak to hear such a beautiful and Hartzig rendition of Ovinu Malkeinu.
    It is probably the way people should sing it because often times people miss out the first stanza Ovinu Malkeinu Ovinu Otoh

  • original

    Though this is the original version, it was not sung so at the Rebbe’s Farbrengens.

  • Correct Nusach

    This is actually the correct way to sing the niggun. For example, if you look at the tapes nichoach (which are quite accurate), this is how it is sung on there.

  • Joe

    That is how it’s recorded on nichoach. I’m pretty sure the video is from the choir of the recording.

  • Menagen

    This is not a different version
    This is the original version

    The alter rebbe composed it on the weekday avihu malkin in tachanun

    Then it was adapted for rosh Hashanah, aseres yimei teshuva and taanis tibur words