Video: Frum Man Sings Anthem on Delayed Flight

When the flight attendants announced that his plane would be delayed on the tarmac for an hour, Raffie Zuroff, an Orthodox-Jewish man, volunteered to sing the National Anthem for the passengers and crew.

Relates Zuroff:

“Kudos to Frontier Airlines. After announcing a one hour delay on the tarmac the stewardess asked if anyone wanted to share a joke or sing so I opted for the National Anthem. As soon as I finished the captain announced that things changed and we were cleared for take off. The stewardess gave me a free bag of M&M’s for my singing”.

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  • Milhouse

    Asking people to stand up on a plane? Not very thoughtful of him. He should have chosen a song people could enjoy in their seats.

    • K

      The patriotic act demonstrating that Jews are loyal citizens of their country (mispalel l’shlom malchus) and prepared to get out of their comfort zone to assist when the situation calls for it (b’mokom she’ein ish) is commendable. Kol hakovod. In similar situations when chabad travellers expressed “their” agendas on airlines, they were showered with compliments.

    • Crown Heighter

      If they would stand for the National Anthem, it would allow standing for Shemonei Esrei!

    • kop doctar

      Milhouse, “He should have chosen a song people could enjoy…” like what? “Happy Birthday”?! Or “If you’re happy and you know it clap your hands”?! He chose the National Anthem sing at all sports events! Maybe next time he will ask a shaylah to Reb Milhouse for his psak on which song to pick. He picked well and he did well. But thise who seek to kvetch will remain kvetching complainers.

  • well done!

    to comment 1
    Why do you have to be so negative?????
    Surely you could have thought of something positive to say. If not, better don’t comment.
    Try to be positive! Try it! You will see, it will improve your life!!!!

  • cincinnati

    Raffie Zuroff – works for the OU in Cincinnati – is a good friend of the chabad community and a person that rings fun and achdus.

  • To #2

    As a Tomim I feel like you don’t belong in this thread. Besides for the fact that you know this song and all it’s history—tumeh, I think by you hanging out on this website probably late at night in your summer camp bungalow room, using cracked up roaming data package you bought outside of 770 for $12.99, you are putting a weight on buchrim. Buchrim are the pride and joy of lubavitch, what do we have if not for buchrim? Achdus? Good schools? Tznius? No! All we have is buchrim and I’d be dammned to know that are pride and joy—buchrim, are hanging out in the interwebs late at night reading pointless and meaningless articles about a yid singing a tumeh song on a plane. As a mashpia myself, I’d highly recommend you learn a perek Tanya, go to mikva, give $20 to tzedaka and ask your mashpia for a tikkun. After all, it is the 9 days and we mustn’t be in danger’s way.

    • Crown Heighter


      Firstly, it was posted at 7:59 pm – not late at night or in the middle of the night.

      Secondly, since when is tomim limited to bochurim?! Have you not heard of the title Harav Hatomim??

      Finally, as a “mashpia”, mabe you need to be “dan l’kaf zchus” and work on “ymin mekareves” instead of being judge, jury and executioner.

      Oiych mir ah mashpia!

  • Take on some frum singers

    I think this man could take on Abraham Fried, Benny Friedman, Lipa Schmeltzer, Berry Weber & the 500 other frum singers or ppl who think they are amazing singers, it would be funny if the Frum singers would sing the national anthem, but yes everyone has the right & opportunity to sing, Go Raffie Zuroff you sung Amazingly !!

  • to 1 and 2

    dont bash him, he is making a kiddush Hashem! Dont be so negative! go CINCINNATI!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Anonymous

    The captain was scared he’d sing another song if they didnt take off right away

  • Moishe pipek

    Cincinnati is not the original name of city. The original name was Cincinuty on account of the many nuty citizens it had

  • From where to where

    Does anyone know from what city they were leaving & going to ? Btw where is Raffie Zuroff from ?

  • Instead of Yechi

    What would really be very funny is if instead of singing Yechi in 770 before shachris, mincha & mariv the Isreali tzfatim would sing the National anthem, & then dance to it after the prayers, it would be so so so hilarious, I can’t stop laughing @ this idea, instead of dancing around to “הרבי מליובאוויטש מלך המשיח חי וקיים” they would dance to our national anthem. We can have Raffie Zuroff lead the Mishichistim in the national anthem.

  • To: Moishe pipek #19

    Are u 1 of the nutty citizens of the city of Cincinuty ? As u claim that is the original name of the city, u must be a part of it, being that no1 knows your real name so it’s OK to make a joke like this, unless ppl on this site knows who u really are, hey today everyone is nuts in their own way

  • To #16

    That is very very very funny !! His voice isn’t that bad, I would say it’s nice. Hey what makes all these frum singers have a great voice do u think they are seriously amazing singers, truly I don’t think so but for some ppl they attract them, that’s the name of the game, then u make concerts & CDs, it’s called making a business out of it & becoming wealthy off your talents, I’m not speaking about MBD, I’m talking about the others, it’s a business & B”H they do well, but truly truly do they have an awesome voice, not really, but hey if it works it works, Raffie don’t quite your day job, u have a great voice, keep up the Great work

  • Funniest comments ever

    The comments on tjid thread are super duper funny, so much so that I wonder if you hired a comedian to populate the comebts section with comic relief!