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Video: Getting Ready for the CGI Global Rally

Prepare for takeoff! This summer, campers will fly high at an all new exciting live rally for Camp Gan Israels around the globe.

The rally will be one of several new programs initiated by CKids Camp Gan Israel Network (a division of Merkos suite 302), under the direction of Rabbi Zalmy Loewenthal for the upcoming summer season.

On Wednesday, July 5 (11 Tammuz) at 1:30pm EST, thousands of CGI campers and counselors will “board planes” for a journey like no other—to greet Moshiach. The opportunity will enable children to experience, perhaps for the first time, the joy of being part of the global Jewish community. Inflight entertainment will include singing, dancing, games, prizes, reciting the twelve pesukim, and more!

“This Rally brings a great opportunity for children to unite and feel proud of their jewish roots in a fun and engaging way” said Rabbi Moshe Kotlarsky, Vice Chairman of Merkos L’inyonei Chinuch.

The Rally is currently entering its second year of production following the huge success of last year’s inaugural event. “Our campers were so excited to participate,” shared Rabbi Sender Engel, Director of Silver Gan Israel day camp in Huntington Beach California. “In fact they kept getting up and dancing around as they watched and listened to the live singing. They really felt a part of this global movement. And when they saw their fellow camper, Joshua, say the pasuk, they literally sprang from their seats!”

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