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Video Shows Brutal Attack on L.A. Jewish Man

by Staff

An elderly Orthodox-Jewish man was viciously attacked Monday morning as he walked to synagogue in a Los Angeles neighborhood. The attack appears to be completely random and unprovoked. The entire incident was caught on surveillance video.

The attack took place Monday morning at around 8:00am in the Fairfax District, near the Congregation Bais Yehuda synagogue. Surveillance video shows the assailant punching and kicking the man, knocking him to the ground. The assailant then walks away from the scene.

Los Angeles police have not classified the attack as a hate crime or robbery but rather a random attack.

The suspect is still at large.


  • 3. TZIVIA PEKKAR.[C.H ] wrote:

    B.H. So what, do the Cops want to classify this brutal attack as a love crime?.

    • 4. Milhouse wrote:

      Can’t you read? They’re classifying it for now as a random attack. What else can they do? There is no indication at all that it was a hate crime, so it would be irresponsible to call it one just on a wild guess. That happens too often as it is, and many times it turns out not to be.

    • 7. Milhouse wrote:

      “Facts please”? You’re not interested in facts, you’re only interested in playing the victim. The fact is that it wouldn’t matter what color the victim was, it would not be classed as a hate crime without evidence. Since a hate motive is a sentencing element, it must be proven to a jury beyond reasonable doubt; if it can’t be then it won’t be charged in the first place.

  • 10. Andrea Schonberger wrote:

    What in the world?!!! I’ve been in that area of Los Angeles and I’ve always thought it fairly safe. That thug must be nuts to boldly attack someone in broad daylight and walk away so calmly.

  • 11. Mendy Wolf wrote:

    should find this guy independantly of police and give him the same treatment


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