Rabbis and Activists Visit the Pope

A delegation of Rabbis and activists visited the Vatican on Monday morning, and spent 45 minutes in a private meeting with the pope. Among the delegation was a Chabad Shliach from Brooklyn.

The delegation was led by Rabbi Edgar Gluck, a Boro Park resident and well known activist who has worked tirelessly all his life advocating on behalf of Jews around the world. He was accompanied by his son, Zvi Gluck, also an activist and founder of the addiction prevention and intervention organization Amudim.

Also part of the delegation was Mr. Louis Scheiner, a Monsey, New York-based philanthropist.

Among the topics the group discussed with the pope was preventing the desecration of Jewish cemeteries in Europe and around the world, fostering better unity among religious groups, as well as addressing the issue of child sexual abuse.

Among the group was Chabad Shliach Rabbi Dovber Pinson, director of Chabad of Carroll Gardens and the Iyuun Center, who is seen standing with the two guitarists of the Pumpedisa Band as everyone sings the verse from Tehillim Orech yomim – “I will grant him long life and show him my salvation.”

Many expressed shock and outrage on social media about the Shliach’s participation in the visit, which they pointed out the Rebbe had repeatedly condemned. In a Sicha on Vov Tishrei 5748 (1987), the Rebbe called such a visit the “father of fathers of impurity” and a “very shocking” occurrence. In another Sicha on Parashas Pikudei 5734 (1974), the Rebbe analogized it to the plague of darkness in Egypt, in which people died from the darkness.

CrownHeights.info reached out to Tzeirei Agudas Chabad, under whose auspices R. Pinson is listed, for comment, and as of publication have not received a response.

Update 11:20am: It appears that the listing for Rabbi Pinson’s Chabad Center – Chabad of Carroll Gardens has been removed within the last few minutes. Still there is no official statement from any of the Chabad leadership bodies.



  • Nochum Sossonko

    You should take down this video, it is a MASSIVE chilul hashem and, according to the Rebbe, is at the very least a shaalah of serving avodah zorah, one of the 3 commandments we are instructed to sacrifice our lives for.

    As a Jew, this video and act is reprehensible, but as a religious media publisher this represents the possibility of infecting others, rachmana litzlan, with terrible ideas.


      No! This must be published so that the proper outcry is raised and this reprehensible action of this supposed rabbi is universally condemned in the strongest of terms!

    • Steven

      I agree that this should be removed and also anything that reflects badly on Chabad. The masses should just follow what Rabbonim tell them even if they don’t understand it. It’s better to ignore the truth and stick our heads in the sand. It’s better not to know what fraud, robbery, molestations and other immoral things happen in our community.

  • Mendy H

    This is against halacha! The rebbe spoke publicly against this and rabbi moshe Feinstein wrote a letter printed in Igros Moshe to rabbi solevetcheik asking him to sign against this!

    • Mendy

      Can you please tell me which חלק of igrois Moshe and​ Simon ?

    • Mendy

      Ok, I found it.
      אגרות משה יורה דעה חלק ג’ סימן מ”ג
      There are two letters there one of them to Rav solovachik. Very sharp and clear!

  • wow that was quick!

    Judge Jury and execution, all within a few clicks of a mouse.

    • Mendy

      Maybe you should listen to and read the sicha, as well as the igrois Moshe (who puts it very sharp to say the least), and then open your mouth about judge..

  • Jim M.

    Excellent, excellent,
    Breaking down barriers, so all moral, good people can get along,

  • mother

    they have lost there mind ..y did they go ??? apparently there is NO JEWISH LEADERSHIP. the world has gone nuts

  • Shlomo

    Problem is that the “so called” leaders in Lubavitch today don’t give any direction to Shluchim etc. as to whats right and whats wrong, on the contrary, EVERYTHING became permissible.

    this is the outcome R”L

  • CR

    To be fair, my “frum” X-ian friends tell me that the current pontiff is widely considered to be a heretic under Canon Law. Meeting with him is not comparable to those that reigned in the Lameds and Mems.

    • CR

      Trust me, I am not here to excuse anything. The “shaliach” here is as much in breach of his shlichus and of halacha as the guy in Ibiza with his pritzus and utter kefirah.

      Still, it is significant that the current Oveid Pe’or is not on the level of his predecessors.

  • Ad Mosai?

    Where are the true gedolei Lubavitch? Where is Dr. Shais Taub and Rabbi Manis Friedman? They need to take charge!

  • to number 11

    it looks like chabad of carroll gardens has been removed from chabad.org no good deed goes unpunished.

  • Embarrassing the Rebbe

    Its very simple: No one calling himself a “Chabad” rabbi has the right to visit the avi avos. That is as if the Rebbe himself (shlucho shel odom k’moso) visited him, rachmona litzlan.

  • The song they sang

    Anyone realize that the song they sang is similar to the ….
    והמבין יבין

    • CR

      Yes, it is very repurposed. A tune by a heterodox composer to be played in front of a heterodox gallach. It fits, I tell ya!

  • every one does what they want

    the Rebbe wanted that CHABAD should have nothing to do with the olimpics also
    but CHABAD was there also a chilul Lubavitch

  • The kangeroo

    I would not be very schoked if chabad opened a brunch in the Vatican What a great publicity. It is lucky that the Rebbe spoke it.

  • The item is important with the video

    Please remove you are tainting the eyes of holy Yidden.

  • Dovber

    Pinson is a fraud, a Chabad “baba” who pretends to be a Kabbalist

    • Manis Friedman

      What do you expect from Manis Friedman! If he can say Moshiach can be yoshkah H”yishmor!!! why not visit the pope!!!!??????!!!
      He’s a leader in Chabad!!!???
      אז אך און וויי????

  • I thought it was just me

    I could not not watch the whole video.

    As soon as I heard the song I understood
    What happened with the Golden Calf.

    Woe unto us and the whole Jewish Nation

    How will we ever get out of Galus??

    • Me too...

      Had to stop the video halfway through, the sight of frum yidden honoring the Pope like l’havdil elef havdalos a Rebbe was making me sick.

  • Enough with the Chabad PR

    Is there no line we will not cross for PR?! As a BT, who grew up in a very secular world, I never dared to step foot in the vatican. A place that has caused the death and destructions of thousands of our peoples, whose policy on Israel is still murky.

    It astounds me that Shluchim would pander themselves to a pope and perform for him no less. This is beyond sickening.

    We are an abused people, we’ve suffered for centuries under Catholicism, yet we are still vying for their approval and support. This reminds me of cases of child abuse, where the child still seeks the parent’s approval rather than cutting ties and standing up for themselves in adulthood.

  • Moishe pipek

    it is not enough to remove them from the list of Chabad the whole directory should resign.The fish stinks from the head.They should appoint three people who know chalaha. And then relect a new directory of people who follow the Rabbis if they rule al pi chaloha.Three Rabbis must be non political and non money hungry.

  • who sponsored this?

    Who paid for this trip, hotel accommodations etc?

    Is this what happens with donations nowadays. Field trips to churches, while there are people who can’t afford kosher food or tuition.

    Agree with above commons, shulchim have no guidance so they make up their own rules. So many go against things the Rebbe wants all for the attention.

  • Shocked

    By far the most digesting thing I’ve seen come out of Chabad. Literally no words

  • cholentmitkugel

    I hope the Pope gave a tour of the Bais haMikdash holy keylim pilfered from us. In the sub basement of the Vatican. ..

    • Shande

      Shemtov was just recently at the white house to celebrate yom hoatzmaut … since when is that okay?!

  • Rebbe sicha


    Looking back this is what the Rebbe said about TV bringing the galach in your house this is the same thing bringing the galach in your house

  • Anonymous

    its not right for such a video which goes agianst the rebbe to be on this website dont you have standards

  • Yankel

    this goes against the Rebbe/Mishaleach in a very open way, he was moel bishlichus how in the world is he still called a “Rav”??
    He should be thrown out of Shlichus…

  • to # 36

    Why didn’t Shemtov go along to get him to sign a proclamation for Education Day.

  • Pictures

    Why are even pictures of not good non Yidden shown on these websites? Didn’t the Rebbe say we get affected by what we look at? Can’t we stop having pictures of them when look at your site. Look how many pictures there have been also of terrorists on the sites. Our minds get effected by what our eyes see.

    • Cjatskel

      No one is making you visit the site
      You CHOOSE to do so
      If you really belive what you say
      Then stop bisiting these
      Sites online

  • meeting

    it seems that he had been mislead by the people around him, stands out very obvious

  • I have a question.

    Just wondering why he has to be shamed just because you don’t agree with his actions?

    • The Rebbe Doesnt Agree!

      I agree, who are we to question ‘Rav Pinson’, but you know who does? The Lubavitcher Rebbe not only questions is, he condemns it and calls it a “scary thing”.

      This so-called Shliach represents the Rebbe, just like every Chabad Chossid does, only he has the added responsibility is being called a Shliach – a Messenger, and is therefore held to an even higher standard!

      FOR SHAME!

      Look how low we have fallen! Oibishter, your flock has been to long without its Shepard!

    • I have a question.

      I hear you, and im not saying that there is anything wrong or right here.
      I just don’t think it will benefit him, anyone to put him down.
      Am I wrong?

    • Citizen Berel

      Yes you are wrong. This is an unimaginable chilul lubavitch. Very few know that he has long been a outlier — he’s a mekubal, just ask him — and see this as some run of the mill standard chabad outreach schtick. This has already went all the way around the world and back, so it’s important that it be noted at the very least that chabad chasidim online became completely unhinged.

      I’m not normally into the two minute hate thingy but I put up an extra telescreen for this one.

      The self-centeredness of this so called shliach is unfathomable.

  • Not the first Jewish leaders to visit pope

    Rav Yisroel Meir Lau as chief Rabbi of Israel also met with the pope in an attempt to retrieve the kailim of the Bais HaMikdash. Rav Ovadiah Yoseph met with the Pope as well, as well as his son Rabbi Yitzchak Yosef, the current Chief Rabbi of Israel.

  • Boruch Hoffinger

    I didn’t read any of the comments…no names. Most likely those commenting are not proud of their comments and are therefore probably not worth reading.
    They judged themselves.

  • best mashpia

    and loshan horah in sefirah???
    can’t be any worse then having chabad on the strip in vegas..or chabad in eilat…when will we stop judging one another…r pinson can defend himself without all this..

  • to 36

    the one who paid is the same one that pays YYJ in monsey for his comedy

  • despicable

    what has people reality come to he has lately
    said terrible things about yidden. many jewish groups have been calling out this rasha
    now you have these religious chassidic people going to this rasha
    where do we draw the line
    this is why we dont have moshiach learn from history
    the rebbe gives us clear harois what to do
    moshiach now!!

  • Anonymous

    Hurray! Another person to destroy! Yeeehaww! He should be thrown out! He’s a goy! He’s destroying Lubavitch! We should stone him! Join us, one and all!!
    Manis believes in yoshke!!! Woohoo!! Nothing these people have ever said or done matters!!! I don’t have a pulpit and online commenting is my only way to get noticed!!! Woohoo! Shais Taub is great! Shemtov is bad!! Yeehaaw!! Manis is bad news!! Ruining our kids!!! Com’on everyone! Let’s destroy people and enjoy 15 minutes of notoriety!!!

    You are a bunch of children. And spoiled, nasty children at that. Calm down. Hear what Pinson has to say. Even if he’s wrong, before he’s lynched, you need to understand why he did what he did.
    You are the mob. You are the eager executioners all to willing to condemn and vilify people.
    These people have a record! Rabbi Pinson is not a stranger! We know him, he’s a good guy. Is he right in this case? He deserves to be heard, before he’s lynched by you snarling pit bulls. Is R’ Manis kosher? I don’t know. He’s been talking to and for chabad for 50 years. Should we hear him out? Or just drool and snarl and rip him to shreds??

    Think seven times before you condemn!! Before you destroy a good man who has done a lot for the Rebbe! Acting the way you on this forum are acting, you must know that this upsets the rebbe MUCH MORE than a silly visit to the silly pope. Bite your toungue!!!

  • really

    Shais taub is not my idea of a lubvitcher chossid. By no stretch of the imagination is he a godol chabad or godol anything

    • I disagree

      He combines medical expertise with halachic scholarship. His unmatched spiritual insight and devotion to his chassidim is to be marveled. In our time there is no one who exemplefies the persona of the leader we all need better than R. Shais Taub.

  • Levi and Aden Robin

    We are deeply saddened by the comments from lubavitch chassidim who can so easily and quickly pass judgment on a great Talmud chacham and shliach of the rebbe, who has written over 25 Sefarim on the deepest Torah and devotes his entire life to spreading Chassidus to the whole world and helping Yidden. Do you think he hasn’t researched and discussed this with great rabbanim? To justify your slander in the name of kedusha is a distortion. The way we judge others is the way Hashem judges us. Hashem should have mercy on our community for the serious slander being spread here and similar forums. It should go without saying these comments should be deleted and mechila should be asked from Rav Pinson and the Ribono shel Olam.

  • Who appointed you judge

    Why has Lubavitch come so judgemental perhaps we can give him a chance to defend himself
    Before we execute him would we not want others to give us the benefit of the doubt if it seemed we made a mistake ?
    Stop the cruel hatred that certainly was the rebbes directive specifically in the days of sefira

    Tzach org
    do the right thing for a change and wait before
    Passing judgement and press the delist button
    Don’t you want others to wait before passing judgement on what kind of failed leadership you represent and perhaps give you the benefit of the doubt ?

  • I'd like to see an official statement

    I’d like to see an official statement From Aguch removing Pinson and condemning the visit

    Have we no shame about the acts of shluchim. Btw which shlucha. In NJ is the shliach because her husband was thrown out for misbehaving. Gershon and Krinsky and shemtov need to start doing something.

  • Anon

    The posuk that was sung has a meaning for Christians and the last word has a special meaning to Jews for J that is unfortunate at the least.

  • well...

    It is wrong what he did!
    But it is also wrong to shame a Jew in public!!
    At this time is when rabbi akiva’s students died. Because of their lack of ahavas yisroel.
    We can hate the thing he did, we do not hate him!
    He is a Jew, a cheleck eloka mimaal mamosh, a shliach of the rebbe, and yes he made a mistake. He might have made a big mistake. Which most likely he feels very regretful for.
    But he is a Jew and we cannot shame him!!! It is forbidden just the same as going to the pope.

  • Mo

    Just take down the video.
    For everyone to get excited about it doesn’t help in jewish unity.

    It’s unfortunate that he went there. It’s further unfortunate that it was videoed and now published.

    Best is not to give it so much energy and to ignore it and move on. To better things.

    Moshiach now!!!

  • Mo

    Another issue is that the worst is when yidden fight with each other “even for the right cuase” these days we need more unity!!!

    So instead of condemning this action… we should ignore it because let’s face it people like to feel morally correct in these situations and bring up the rebbe at their convenience…

    The Rebbe wants most that we get along! With unity we will bring Moshiach!!!

    It isn’t the publics place to create a storm about this. The public should work on true love for one another in every other area. One cannot criticize the actions of his fellow if he has not yet reached the level of true love. Because, had he Reached that level…

  • Joe

    You guys are incredible. On moral and religious grounds, you are being judge and jury of someone who sweats for others. R Gluck has gone before, and gotten old Jewish cemeteries restored. He is a better man than any of the judgmental and hateful people writing foolishness here.

    This is why I left the community.

    You’d rather judge others than focus on yourself, and others good. This is exactly why we do not have a temple. You guys are the opposite of righteous.

    • sad

      you are right Joe. we need to look within. it is not our job to judge another. very sad indeed.

  • The kangeroo

    How about showing love and hanging the Pope’s picture in the Lag-Beomer stand. It will get great publicity.The whole world would see the Lubavitch love.Who knows the catholic children might join the march.

  • YYJ Sermon Yom Kippur 5778

    The Popes mother is a Holocaust survivor who sang him Orech yamim every night before she put him to bed, when he heard the song after so many years, his neshama was awakened, he said Shema and is planning now to go to Kolel in Yerushlayim for the rest of his life

  • Anonymous

    There are two types of people/jews
    One that sees godliness in everything. As you all know of the classic chabad saying
    “a small light can light up a dark room.
    and the second jew sees only the darkness in everything..

    Most of you haters on this chat are not Chabad!! You live in CH with no mission,
    Only focusing on the darkness in everything..

    I pray for you that one day soon you come out of your depression..

  • Former CH-er

    To #81:
    I could not have said it better. A bunch of bitter, sad souls.

  • The kangeroo

    # 81Your failed to mention that the Rebbe is also not Chabad because he spoke againts meeting the Pope.Now I know who Chabad is people who have their own Shulhan Oruch.

  • Avrohom

    From Dovber Pinson: I write this in response to the many requests and to clarify the circumstances surrounding a video that has gone viral, and is a chilul Lubavitch and contrary to the rotzon Hameshalaich. Please know the following. Prior to this trip I consulted with Lubavitcher Rabonim who gave their haskomo. The meeting was to be private, without music & pomp. It didn’t quite turn out that way and for that I wish to express my regret. As a chasid of the Rebbe I understand my achrayus is to fulfil ratzon Hameshalaich and the Kavono Penimiyus.

    • Nobody

      If this “apology” is really from DBP I have several questions:

      1. How can a “chossid” visit with the pope when the Rebbe clearly warned against such an encounter?

      2. Which rabbonim did you consult?

      3. Why did you think this would be a good idea, private or otherwise?

      Thank you and I look forward to your response.

  • Kapote

    Where is the outcry?
    Waiting for a condemnation.
    The silence is deafening.

  • to # 84

    The Rabbis gave you ill advice you should be smarter then that you should have not gone their you don’t belong there
    sorry on you you lost it time to close shop
    I say this with full understanding and sincerity after listening and learning the video of the Rebbe on this matter which has been publicized
    there remains no room for interpretations according to the Rebbe it’s out of the question!

  • Who are the Rabbonim?

    It’s easy to blame visiting avodah zorah on rabbonim. Who are they? Would any rav give such a heter after hearing all the Rebbe’s sharp talks against visiting him?

    Are we to believe that the posing before a camera with the avi avos, the video, the music — was all one big surprise? Were you forced to pose?

    This “explanation” is perhaps worse than the actual act, because it demonstrates that he either has no clue as to the problem, or he is too arrogant to acknowledge the grave error and affront.

    Can a man like this be trusted?

  • Disgusted by the posters here

    How dare you attack this brave Rabbi!

    These are not the days of the inquisition or Nazis.
    The Catholic church stands with the Jewish people in these days of mixed up values.

    Everyone here complaining and judging is a huge shanda to Chabad and everything it does to bring Moshiach!

  • Misnagid

    What is this chilul Lubavitch there is only chilul hashem,I see among chabad you guys are judge mental what’s the rebbes response to for generations clergy meeting each other people a lot greater than him what are his sources in .

  • Anonymous

    The issur was kissing the hand and ring which has to do with Avodas Zoroh AZ. Where is there any AZ here. They acme to see him on a neutral matter. RaBbi Lau visited the pope in his house (read his biography) and the pope removed the idols not to embarrass him,

    Are you aware that the church in Italy hid out 1000’s of Jews from the Nazis and saved them?

    We have a right to talk to anyone topics that benefit us. The issur is ecumenical that is talking religion. This is another inyon.

    Sorry. But, I hear no problem even in the rebbie’s words.

  • Anonymous #98 again

    Read Reb Moshe’s teshuva and listen to R. Soloveitchick’s speech on the subject. The issue is that they want to proselytize us with kindness instead of the sword. But, how can common issues not be discussed. In Fact Rav Soloceitchick says it is OK to do that. (look onlin and you will find his opinion). I can’t see why the rebbie would not want us to have the meeting. No one is going to convert ore discuss religion or kiss his ring.
    I think this is out of proportion. And, again, let us not forget what the Italian Church did for the Jews in WW2. This is history.

  • Ozer Dalim

    This was just another Lazer Scheiner event The same guy same reason your husbands abandon you and your children for Rosh Hashona. The same reason your husband comes home drunk from shul. The same reason your Husband and your sons go o. Unnecessary dangerous excursions all courtesy of Lazer Scheiner and his enabler Teddy Lichschein Pinson said the band a Sefira music were spontaneous . The pumpedessa band was not hanging out that day at the Vatican the pumpedessa band was not hanging out in Rome or Italy Or at the airport I
    They were shipped in courtesy of Lazer Scheiner to play his calling. Are song at the Vatican and on Sefira. This happy go lucky guy will get his slaps on the back another -5 days of fame and You all who suck up to him will keep encouraging him Bogomilsky and his merry band of apostles

    • Morris Gitter

      This Scheiner let everybody know that he chartered the airplane for the gang fed them housed them. Amazing the wealth you can garner ripping off Texas KY FL medicaid and not paying staff .

  • Behind Pinson

    and behind the singers and dancers is Lazer Shcheiner. Anyone who knows Uman knows his name. Big giver but also big noisemaker who likes to push the boundaries. He’s taken a liking to R’ Jacobson and R’ Pinson, and Pinson has been on several of his other trips, with Scheiners posse (including the musicians) that goes along. He’s not a bad guy, but halocha, shall we say, isn’t his forte. Pinson on the other hand has to decide if he wants to keep his Rabbi title and Chabad affiliation. Im pretty open minded, but even my mouth was agog when watching this sorry little video. I always marvel at how people express regret that a video they didn’t want to get out did. As a wise man once said; if you didn’t want people to find out about it, you should have considered that before doing it. Oy how too much money and opportunity can blind us these days….