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Israel undefeated in World Baseball Classic

Israel, a country that hardly plays baseball at all, just went undefeated in the first round of the World Baseball Classic.

Hat tip: The Cool Jew


  • 1. Anonymous wrote:

    Hey, I’m all for Israel, but these players are Jewish, not necessarily Israeli citizens. The law is that you can play for a country you can be a citizen from, and because of the law of return, any jew can be Israeli, so many of these players are American Jews. Just saying

    • 2. Yep wrote:

      Only one player on the roster is an actual Israeli citizen or resident. Additionally, there are many players on the team with one Jewish parent (the wrong one). I justify cheering for this team by cheering for those who wear “Israel” on their chests with pride, regardless of their nationality or religion. In today’s world, it’s not an easy thing to do, as it can hurt your brand/image in an industry that is very sensitive to those things.

  • 3. Go Israel GO wrote:

    This morning they lost to the Kingdom of the Netherlands by a final score of 12-2 so they already lost unfortunately. They need to win Japan on Wed. Morning starting @ 6 a.m est to have a chance to advance to the semi finals in la


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